Consumable Needs

Since 2010 when Chloe’s was diagnosed with Pompe disease, our family is not funded for her daily consumable needs. The monthly expenditure also increased over the past 5 years because she is grow well.

Below table will explain on Chloe’s monthly expenditure.

Chloe’s monthly expenses
 Approx fig.
S/n. Description Amount (S$)
1 Milk Powder 480.00
2 Diaper 80.00
3 Medication excluding ERT at hospital 120.00
5 School fee 180.00
6 Transportation (incl. parking fee) 390.00
7 Suction catheters 15.00
8 Syringe 60.00
9 Wet tissue 30.00
10 BIPAP tubing 15.00
11 Sunction tubing 15.00
12 BV filter 24.00
13 Sterelise glove 10.00
14 Sanitizer 26.00
15 Feeding tube 64.00
16 Moisturizing cream 36.00
17 Nappy Rash Cream 15.00
18 Electricity to power up the equipment and water 100.00
20 Fulltime caregiver for Chloe 600.00
21 Supplements 180.00
22 Mis. for her daily needs 50.00
Total $2,490.00
Yr 2015 Extra Medical needs  Approx. fig
KKH therapies $500.00
Consultation $300.00
Private therapies $4,500.00


Currently, the monthly expenses incurred by the family for Chloe added up to around $2,500.00 and this amount will continue to increase as she grows older.

Please read more on Chloe’s medical needs here.

If you would like to support Chloe on her needs, please make your donation and inform us via email.

Thank you.

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