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Love Is
Not Rare.
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Hope Is
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Save Chloe

We Know you Care Because
Love is Not Rare

Save Life

Do you know there are 350 millions people living with rare disorders in the world?

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Make A Donation

Support Chloe and help her live a quality life, please make a donation.

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Aid For Other Children

Find out more on how you can support other children in Rare Disorders Society (Singapore).

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Growing UP

You may follow Chloe on her Facebook page and be a part of her growing up journey.

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Learn about Chloe's medical needs. She need her medication to keep her alive.

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Facing Death

Chloe went through death several times. How do we feel about facing it?

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Active Campaign

Live with a Hope

Blessing Chloe

Chloe Can Lead A Fulfilling Life With Your Support

We know you care because love is never rare. Chloe may be living with a rare condition but she is not alone.

About us

Save Chloe is our mission

Read about Chloe's inspiring life...

While no one give Chloe a chance to live beyond one, she proved everyone wrong.

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Learn about Infantile Pompe Disease and how it affects an individual.

About Chloe

Chloe was diagnosed with Pompe Disease at 7 months old.

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Love Is Not Rare

Together, we believe we can continue to demonstrate the true spirit of “Love is Not Rare” and that love shows no discrimination.

Home Sweet Home

While other children's cupboard is packed with nice clothing, Chloe's cupboard is stocked up with her medical needs.

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Every small progress deserves to be celebrated. Chloe has come so far and not without life threatening moments...

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Rare Disorders Society (Singapore)


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